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Daydream believer collage workshops

Revel in creativity without pressure or expectation. Surprise yourself by tapping into intuitive artmaking as Jess teaches you how to craft collages full of personal expression and emotion.


Each workshop begins with Jess sharing tips on how to make collage pieces from scratch, curate pieces for your work, and challenge yourself to create boldly. After providing guidance and tools, Jess unleashes you to your own instincts, inviting you to create with her smorgasbord of supplies.


Artistic experience and a knack for creativity are not necessary! All are welcome to explore color, shapes, and expression in the supportive space that Jess creates. Participants leave with finished art, prompts for continued play, and confidence in their creative abilities.


Book a Workshop

Book a Daydream Believer Collage Workshop at your party or business! Gather community and create a space for process, play, and expression. Each session includes tips on curating images and crafting collage pieces from scratch, as well as unstructured time to create and mingle. Guests leave with completed art and prompts to continue their creative practice at home.

In addition to the traditional collage workshop, I also offer workshops that bring a bit more magic to the process. My New Moon Mood Board Workshop is intended to take place during the new phase of the moon, a time where we can make art to manifest our intentions and tap i
nto our desires as we move toward the full moon. Mood Boards are made repurposing vinyl records as the base, creating a finished board that looks like your own unique full moon.

Click here to reach out to learn more and chat about bringing a workshop to your space or event!
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