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Creative Assistant Services

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A creative assistant is a flexible, detail-oriented professional who helps to tell your story, keep you consistent & organized, and streamline your business.

If you love creating, but dislike the time-consuming process of self-promotion, allow me to brag about you! I am my clients’ biggest fan because not only do I need to know your work inside and out, I also genuinely enjoy cheering you on and supporting your success.

If you’re a small business owner or artist (or both!), chances are you are also a bookkeeper, social media coordinator, packaging service, customer service rep, graphic designer, video editor, and a slew of other titles that don’t necessarily relate to the work you’re excited about. Free up time for your passion by allowing me to take on your least favorite tasks.




Tell the story of your creative process or business with authentic photos that keep branding consistent across website, social media, and promotional platforms.



Looking to expand your business by venturing into new venues? Chat with Jess to discuss how she can support you in getting new gigs and contacts.


Social Media Management

Choose a posting schedule that works for your business, and Jess can take care of the rest! From custom graphics to growing your audience, Jess will work with you to manage your Instagram and Facebook platforms.



Not a fan of penning that eNewsletter? With a BA in English and creative writing included in dozens of publications, Jess is a clear communicator who is happy to take on communications with your clients.

Click here to reach out for a quote and discuss how Jessica can help your small business or creative practice.

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